The International theatre festival-forum “Direction space” is a working laboratory of the contemporary theatre process. According to the conception of the founders of the festival – the well-known Russian director Boris Milgram and theatre critic and director of the All-Russian festival “Real Theatre” Oleg Loevsky, the goal of the project lies in the mutual creative benefit for the participants and in the active searching by acclaimed professionals for the new promising names for the Russian theatre environment.

The concept of the Festival implies a focused destruction of the stereotypes concerning the perception of director’s profession, and of its major myth about the self-sustainability of this profession. “Direction Space” is also a significant educational project: every time the festival is held it is attended by the students of the theatre colleges of Russia and each year the number of students grows.

The programme of the festival is formed by the specially invited selectors – recognized experts in their creative spaces: directing space, producing space, acting space and critical space.

“Direction Space” - 2011.

The third “Direction Space” Festival will take place in Perm, October, 7 – 11, 2011. This year the festival is turning into the festival-school format. Famous Russian and foreign directors will present their productions for the senior students of the GITIS Academy. The principle element if this format is the young directing students’ laboratory, aiming to discover and to provide a professional start to the most bright and talented students in future.


Oleg Loyevsky, director of the All-Russian Real Theatre Festival:

There are already many reasons to be jealous. The main one is the luxury of human communication – to see everybody, to know everything. This Festival gives us a chance, which is rare, to see theatre colleagues from the most remote places of Russia, the most famous theatre stars and foreign colleagues in one place – in Perm.

Boris Milgram, leader of the Festival:

Why do I consider this Festival to be one of the best theatre festivals? Because it is invented an
curated to collect together the directing community to talk about the profession. To talk not about basic needs of life, not about copywriting but only about the profession. I am convinced that director needs a dialogue. Dialogue is needed not only so I could be taught something by somebody, though it is also for this – learning is a constant process, not just to get somebody’s experience. Through this dialogue, a director is able to understand what works in his own show and in what ways he can view his work from outside.